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Radical Abundance

Radical Abundance

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Radical Abundance: More Than All We Can Ask or Imagine is a 50-day devotional inspired by Ephesians 3:20-21.

Glorifying God through the ups and downs of life.

Are you stuck in a rut or experiencing a glass-half-full season of life? God has a radical abundance of love, grace, provision, and faithfulness guaranteed to fill your cup and pull you out of that rut. In these pages, you will find hope, strength, and encouragement for your journey as thirty-three authors share their stories of God's radical abundance amidst the challenges of life.

Radical Abundance: More than all We Can Ask or Imagine is an Abundance Books collection of fifty daily devotionals featuring thirty-three authors reflecting on:

  • God's answers for the unimaginable
  • God's power over the impossible
  • God's glory through His Church
  • God's faithfulness in the family
  • List of Contributing Authors:

    Nancy Kelly Alvarez, Dianne Barker, Leigh-Anne Burley, Kasey Burnett, Patricia Butler, Penny Cooke, Jenn Dafoe-Turner, Cherie Denna, Ruth Dyck, Todd Ellis, Nancy Kay Grace, Ann Griffiths, Mary Harker, Sandra Hastings, Melissa Heiland, Sarah Griffiths Hu, Teresa Janzen, Nancy Lee Jenkins, Joylin Lane, Stacy Leicht, Heather MacAskill, Maureen Miller, Susanne Moore, Lisa Northway, Nancy O'Meara, Norma Poore, Jeanne Roberson, Betty A Rodgers-Kulich, Chrischa Marie Rosalejos, Roberta Sarver, Leann Seale, Linda Summerford, Lori Vober


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